Ruth Fix’s Babble & Outtakes


As, I said in the Ruth’s Fix update.  I have always pictured her as a sort of a follower, just going along with whatever someone told her too. Out of all my characters I think I have been the somewhat consistent with Ruth.  Mostly, because The Crabtree Family updates are dominated by her mother Jennifer and Ruth sort of plays the back round.  While it that wasn’t my intention, it has worked out to my advantage.

I am trying to get into developing my characters and stories a little bit more.  I noticed while reading my old post, I had a tendency to drop story lines and pick them back up willy-nilly like.  Which isn’t good.  But it works out for Ruth.  Her character is underdeveloped and even though I am to blame.  I can make it Jennifer’s fault.  Jennifer is overbearing, her youngest two children have gone their own ways.  And done things that she doesn’t approve of but Ruth has done everything she was told to do.  Because of that reason she is the heir.

It also helps the story that I picture Joe as the ultimate business man.  Much like Jennifer, he is overbearing.  Ruth responses to him the same way she does her mother.  Following his wishes.  So, while she rather be a stay at home mom raising her kids, she works and has a nanny she doesn’t want.

Poor girl doesn’t have a backbone.

And I no idea where this is really going to lead.  I’m going to play it by ear and sees what happens.

One of my favorite animations has to be the faces that sims make when teaching toddlers how to potty train.

Now that I really look at this picture.  This hairstyle on Ruth makes her look quite a bit like Laura’s from Lakeside Heights Samantha Bradshaw.  I don’t think I will ever be able to use this hair again and not think of her.

Not mentioned in the post, Ruth and Joe’s oldest son Ryan became a toddler.

Comparisons between mom and dad.

Thanks to Joe, he is missing a top lip and Ruth was nice enough to pass on the large gap between mouth and nose.